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What do you do if you need roadside assistance?
What do you do if you need roadside assistance?

What do you do if your car stops working? Depending on the circumstances, it can be dangerous or inconvenient for your car to break down on the side road. You could end up late for work, or worse, be stranded, or even hurt if another driver accidentally hits you. Roadside assistance coverage can be a great help. Without roadside assistance coverage, even a tow to your home can be costly. Good coverage will allow you to get a tow when you need it. You also have options so you don’t end up without a vehicle. It is a must to have good roadside assistance.

Emergencies Happen

Sometimes emergencies will strike, no matter how prepared you are. Roadside assistance can be invaluable in these situations. This is the most basic form of breakdown coverage. It provides assistance in such situations. You don’t have to wait for someone to pull over, no matter if you have a flat tire or a battery problem. 

What do you do if you need roadside assistance?

You shouldn’t be left on the sidelines of the road for too long. Roadside assistance can help you quickly and avoid dangerous situations. You can read here are 7 Tips to Keep Your Touring Caravan in Top Shape by visiting

Why a Tow isn’t the Right Choice

You can always have your car tow if necessary, but this may not be the best option. You may need to have your car towed in some cases, but that should not be your only option. Roadside assistance coverage provides you with help, not just a tow to your home or local repair shop if nothing else is possible. Roadside assistance is designed to provide you with the support you need. It focuses on your vehicle and provides a tow only if necessary.

Here are 7 Tips to Keep Your Touring Caravan in Top Shape
Here are 7 Tips to Keep Your Touring Caravan in Top Shape

It doesn’t matter if you just returned from holiday or are about to embark on one, it is important to show your Touring Caravan some tender love.

A well-maintained caravan is easier to tow and more reliable than a poorly maintained one. It can also save you petrol and reduce the chance of unexpected breakdowns.

These are our 7 Essential Tips to Keep Your Caravan in Top Shape and Ready for Travel.

1. Save Petrol and Stay Safe

Maintaining the right pressure in your tires can help reduce petrol consumption and improve the handling of your Touring Caravan.

You can refer to your manual for the correct pressure or contact your dealer if you are unsure.

Here are 7 Tips to Keep Your Touring Caravan in Top Shape

2. Your Tyres will cost you 20p

It is important to ensure that your tires have sufficient tread. Too little tread can make it illegal to drive and could lead to serious injury.

Take a 20p piece of paper and place it on the tread of your tire. If you see the border or outer ring of the coin, your tread may be below. If you have a spare tire, make sure to check it. Click here to read about Taking extra care of emergency road services all year.

3. Lighting your Way

Although it sounds obvious, it is surprising how many people fail to check their caravan lights on a regular basis. It takes only two minutes and will give you the peace of mind that you know other drivers are paying attention to what you’re doing.

4. Hot Stuff

Modern caravans often have both gas and electric appliances. It is important to make sure that all appliances work before and after you travel.

Also, ensure that all appliances are turned off when you’re not using the caravan or traveling.

It is a good idea to have safety checks done by professionals at regular intervals for any gas or electric appliance.

5. Be pure

It’s a good idea to flush your water and wastewater systems after returning from travel to get rid of any accumulated water or impurities. A lot of caravanners use chemical solutions to clean out and sterilize their water systems.

6. Pay attention to the noise

You may hear a grating or clunking sound when you pull off. If this happens, you should slow down or reverse.

This is a sign that you should consult your local garage. This type of work is best left to a qualified mechanic.

This applies to any mechanical issues you might have. Consult an expert if you are unsure.

7. Protect your Caravan and Your Pocket

Make sure your caravan has adequate Caravan Insurance. You could end up paying a lot more if you are involved in an accident.

You should shop around for caravan insurance if you don’t already have it. Some providers like Simple Caravan Insurance offer new for old coverage, accidental damage protection, and discounts for caravan owners who use security devices.

These seven top tips were provided by Simple Caravan insurance. Simple is a leading provider of leisure insurance in the UK, with over 70,000 clients. is a quick, easy service that provides instant, no-hassle caravan coverage.

Take extra care of emergency road services all year
Take extra care of emergency road services all year

Emergency road services are something you should be aware of. You should take safety precautions no matter where you are going or what time it is.

You may find yourself in bumper-to-bumper traffic, especially if there are other things going on. These incidents may be the reason behind traffic jams. It’s not healthy to get impatient with traffic.

Some drivers drive too fast on the highway

Slow-moving drivers use the right-hand lane. If you drive fast you could cause an accident. You can do this by speeding up and passing slow-moving drivers, swerving in and around cars. This can be very dangerous so you should avoid it unless you don’t want to end up on the other side of the road with your car broken or flipped over. People will have to be on the lookout for you because of your reckless driving.

There are times when someone’s vehicle breaks down on the side road. If this happens, they need to call a tow truck in order to have their vehicle taken to a shop for repair. This is a dangerous situation. If you drive fast on the right side of the road, and the door to the tow truck opens or someone’s car opens, you could cause an accident and cause injury to yourself or others. Visit to read about What do you do if you need roadside assistance?

Take extra care of emergency road services all year

Accidents happen every single day. If you see an accident about to occur, you should slow down to see what it will mean for you. This is a great way to warn the drivers around you that something is coming or you might not have hit your brakes.

There could be instances when an unplanned accident occurs in front of your eyes and you need to make sure you don’t get in trouble. This could be dangerous as you may get hit from behind. You may not be able to react because the person driving next to you could be speeding. There was nothing you could do because you didn’t notice an accident coming. Click here to read about Road Safety.

You should be aware of emergency road services in such situations. There will likely be police cars, fire trucks, tow trucks, and other vehicles that can assist you. It is important to drive safely as you may cause an accident by running into the police car doors. If you are able, drive slowly and move to the next lane. Are you looking for a spare tire? You don’t need a spare tire?